QPL Reference Manual

Warning! This page is in the process of being rewritten for QPL Version 6. It may still have references to QPL Version 5.

Common Respondent Questions

1. I can't read all of the information on the screen, why?

You may need to use the scroll wheel on your mouse or the scroll bar on the right side of the screen to read all the information on a page.

2. How do I move from screen to screen in the survey?

You may move from screen to screen using:

3. How long should it take me to complete the questionnaire?

(Note: You should also pretest your questionnaire, keeping track of how long it takes a respondent to finish the instrument. GAO routinely advises respondents in an email message, or information on the home page on in the questionnaire itself about the time requirements for a particular instrument.)

The amount of time will vary with the number of questions you need to answer. Most of the questions may be answered by simply clicking on the appropriate circle or box. A small number of questions ask you to specify your answer by typing information in a box.

4. Why are many of the question filled out as "no answer"?

Most questions are initially filled in as "no answer" due to the nature of web based questionnaires. For answers where the survey allows only one response, at least one button must be marked. "No Answer" gives you an opportunity decline to answer a question.

5. What does "no answer" mean?

If you do not want to answer a question, leave the no answer option filled in. We will interpret this as missing data.

6. How do I exit the questionnaire so that I can come back later and complete it?

You may exit the questionnaire at any time by pressing the Exit button at the bottom of the page. You may log in again later to re-open your questionnaire and then continue to enter new responses or change previous responses. The questionnaire will restart at the last question you entered.

7. How can I print out the questionnaire?

You may print your responses as you go through each section by pressing the Print button at the bottom of the screen. To obtain a complete copy of your responses, you must print each screen individually.

If the questionnaire author has included a special link to your responses on the questionnaire form, you may click on that link to see and print all of your responses, including the full text of any responses to open-ended questions.

8. How do I submit my questionnaire?

The last question in the last section asks you to indicate that you have completed this survey. Your answers will not be considered unless you complete this question. Make sure you hit the exit button when you are finished.

9. I can't see all of the narrative that I have written for the question that asks you to type in your own responses. What should I do?

In the survey that we have deployed on the web, it is impossible to see all of your written narrative if your writing is longer than the viewing size of the "text box". If you would like to look at all of what you have written, you can highlight the writing and then copy and paste it to WORD or Notepad or you can scroll through the box.

10. When I printed the copy of my narrative it only had what I can see on the screen. How do I get a hard copy of all of my narrative?

When you print responses that are narratives, the hard copy will only have the information that is visible in the box on your screen. Copy and paste your response into another word processor software package, such as WORD or Notepad if you want a printed version.

To do this,

Finally, print your statement from this other word processing software package.