QPL Reference Manual

Warning! This page is in the process of being rewritten for QPL Version 6. It may still have references to QPL Version 5.

The Select Message page lets you start a new email message job, or edit an existing job. It also shows you when jobs have been scheduled to be delivered and how many messages it expects to send.

The exact number of messages is not known until the message job is actually run in the mail queue. At that time, the query is run to identify which respondents will get messages. So, if your query depends on respondents current answers to questions, their may be some differences in who will get messages between the time you set up your message job and when the job is processed.


Click on "New" to start a new message. The Edit Message page will be displayed.

Message Number

A message number is automatically assigned to each message job you create. This number is used in various places to document this job. It is used, for example, on a respondent's user account page when listing the messages he or she may have been sent.


Click on the email subject to open an existing message job for editing. The Edit Message page will be displayed with this message.

Created By

The "Created By" column documents the account used to create and send the message. Only System Administrators can create and launch email message jobs.

Date Sent

The "Date Sent" column shows when the message job is scheduled to start. The actual time it starts also depends on when the message queue checks for eligable jobs, usually once every hour or half-hour. (Your web server administrator set frequency of mail queue checks when he or she installed the QPL software on your web server. See QPL Server Setup Instructions for more information.)

Dates listed in bold type are scheduled to be sent in the future and may be recalled.

Total Recipients

The "Total Recipients" indicates the estimated number of messages that will be sent. The actual number of messages is determined when the mail queue runs the message job. At that time, it runs your query to determine who should get messages.


Click the "Cancel" button to close this page and go back to the main administration page.