QPL Reference Manual

Warning! This page is in the process of being rewritten for QPL Version 6. It may still have references to QPL Version 5.

The QPL email functions let you generate customized messages to individual questionnaire respondents using a message template. You can use information about a respondent that is stored in their account or questionnaire to "fill in the blanks" in your message template. You also can control which respondents are sent a custom message -- for example, only sending follow up messages to non-respondents.

These functions are only available to the QPL System Administrator.

There are also a number of options you may use when sending messages. You may send...

You can store any number of message templates, copy previous message templates and re-use all the settings for follow up messages, and recall mail jobs if they have not been sent. It also automatically keeps records on all the mail sent, and updates respondents' user accounts with information about the messages they were sent.


Creating a message template and sending messages is a multi-step process. The table below summarizes the key steps.

Step Page Comment
1. Project Administration After logging in to your questionnaire web site as a System Administrator, click on the "Edit - Email messages" link to access the email pages.
2. Select Message Click on "New" to create a new message template or click on an existing message template to edit.
3. Edit Message Enter your message template, sender information, attachment file name, and specify who should be sent messages.

Press the "Test" button to test your message template.
4. Test Message Review your test results.

If errors were found, click on "Cancel," to go back to the Edit Message page to make corrections.

If no errors were found, click on "Send," to send your message job to the mail queue.

Mail Queue Processing

Your email message job (i.e., the combination of your message template and your query that defines who should be sent a message) is not processed immediately. By default it is delayed by at least one hour (the default delay setting on the Edit Message page). You may shorten or lengthen the delay before the mail queue will begin processing your job. Also, the mail queue is only checked periodically for eligable mail jobs, typically only once every hour or half-hour. (Thus, for example, mailing may be delayed as much as an hour for your Edit Message page setting plus the amount of time between mail queue checks.) Your web server administrator set frequency of mail queue checks when he or she installed the QPL software on your web server. (See QPL Server Setup Instructions for more information.)

Cancelling a Message Job

You may cancel a message job in the mail queue before any messages have been sent by first re-opening the message (following the steps above) and then clicking on the "Recall" button on the Edit Message page.