QPL Reference Manual

The Tabulation Report shows how frequently tags have been applied by reviewers to each STRING and OPENEND question for which tags have been defined. The report may be created using all the tags that any reviewer applied (Union) or just tags that all the reviewers applied to each response (Intersection).

Select Option

First, select the which reviewers' tags will be used in the report and how tags that were applied by more than one reviewer to the same response should be reconciled.

Step 1

View Report

The report shows how frequently each tag was applied, according to the reviewer and reconciliation options you selected. If a tag is not listed, then no reviewer applied it to any of the responses.

Step 2

The percent agreement listed at the bottom of each table is based on the total collection of tags each interviewer applied to each response. If all the reviewers applied the same set of tags or if only one reviewer applied tags to a particular response, then this is tallied here as agreement. This statistic is reported here as a rough measure of how well the analysis is proceeding and not as a reportable statistic.

If only one reviewer applied tags to a response, these tags are used in the report even when the Intersection option is selected. This includes cases where a second reviewer reviewed a response and decided that no tags were appropriate.