QPL Reference Manual

Warning! This page is in the process of being rewritten for QPL Version 6. It may still have references to QPL Version 5.

After you have finished writing and testing your questionnaire program locally, you are ready to build the files for your web server. This is a three-step process. First you must compile your program file (.pg6) to build an intermediary file which will have the same file name but with a .qpl extension, hen you will need to convert the .qpl file into your web site files, and finally update the new home page file and MySQL script.

1. Compile

From the command line in a DOS console window, compile your QPL program.

c:\qpl\myjob> qpl_compile job.pg6

2. Build Web Files

Build the web version of your project.

c:\qpl\myjob> qpl_convert job.qpl /d /f /l /php

3. Update the index.htm and job.sql Files

Copy your welcome information from the local test home page, hello.htm, to the new web server home page that was just created: index.htm.

Modify the MySQL script file that was generated, job.sql to (1) set the MySQL user to the account that your web administrator has set up for all QPL projects on the server (see Server Set Up), and (2) set the password you want to use for your QPL System Administrator account (you use this account to administer your project, including setting the project default options, sending email messages, and other maintenance activities).

GRANT ALL ON job.* TO qpladmin@localhost idENTIFIED BY "surfclam";

INSERT INTO user (q_uname, q_pswd, q_name, q_user_status)
    valueS ('admin', 'changeme', 'System Administrator', 5),

In this example, you should change the MySQL account, "qpladmin," and the password, "surfclam," to the accounts set by your system administrator.

Next, you should change the QPL System Administrator password from "changeme" to a password that you define.

Now your project is ready to be installed on the server! See Installing QPL Project Files on a Web Server for more information.