QPL Reference Manual

In order to create web-based questionnaire using the QPL software, you first start by writing your questions using the QPL language syntax and saving them in a text file. Then run the QPL software development tools that read your question file and, if there are no syntax errors, create the files you need to host your questionnaire on a web server.

The QPL software tools also let you create an HTML version of your web form that you can view locally on your computer with your browser. The HTML form will look and behave just like the form that runs on a web server, except that all of the pages will be put on one page and the form will not save any data. This preview lets you go through many "write-compile-view" cycles without first putting the files on a web server. Once you are satisfied with how the forms appear and behave, then you can build the web server version of the files and deploy them on your web server.

The writing and building of QPL projects is most easily done using the Adobe HomeSite Editor which runs on Windows computers. Special tools are added to HomeSite that help you write your QPL program and easily build various project files.

You may also build your QPL projects using the console versions of the QPL development programs in Windows, Linux, or Mac OSx.