The Questionnaire Programming Language (QPL) consists of a set of MS/DOS programs that can be used to automate many of the activities involved in gathering and preparing survey data for analysis. Using this software, complex computer-aided telephone interview (CATI) or data-entry programs can be created that are easy to use and provide a high degree of control over what information may be entered. Interviewers can be trained to use the CATI software in only minutes and completed interview records can be edited quickly and accurately. Once a questionnaire program has been written, other QPL system programs can be used to generate formatted questionnaire documents, SPSS or SAS analysis programs, Lotus or dBase data files, or askSam text-based data files.

Version 4.1, released in November 1999, corrects several Y2K bugs and changes the automatic date question type, XDATE, from a 6 to an 8-digit field. (Note: Existing QPL questionnaires must be recompiled to work with this new version because this field change affects the record layout.) All of the QPL programs have passed Y2K tests running under the Windows 98 2nd Edition operating system. See the README.TXT file below for more information on how the changes may affect your ongoing project. See the QPLY2K.PDF file below for a summary of the Y2K tests that were performed.

Version 4.0, released in April 1996, added the capability to setup and monitor a network-based CATI or data-entry project. Two new programs, NCOLLECT and MONITOR, allow multiple interviewers to simultaneously share the same data and case control files. This ability can greatly simplify the administration of a project. The project supervisor can remotely keep track of what cases have been attempted and completed. For a complete list of changes from Version 3.2, see appendix II in the QPL Reference Manual.

QPL Version 4.1 for MS-DOS is available in the following files. Select the following links to download each file. You will need all files.

1. Reference files

2. Master program files

This zip file contains Version 4.1 of the system software and demonstration files. Unzip the contents to a new directory on your computer's hard disk, perhaps called C:\QPL.

After installing the programs, run the DEMO.EXE file to take a quick tour of the system.

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