This page provides a history of the changes in each release of QPL 6. If you are not using the current release, please review the list of changes below to determine if you should upgrade.

2018-02-20 (Build 6.3.146)

This version completes the QPL add on features for Komodo, and adds many security-related improvements.

2014-12-05 (Build 6.3.0)

This version adds multi-language survey support. The QPL compiler now handles source programs in UTF-8 encoding so that you can write your questions in most any language, such as French, Russian, Arabic, etc. You can have any number of translations of the same questionnaire running at the same time for one project (where all the questions map to the same answer fields in the database). You can modify your Apache configuration so that your repondents automatically see the survey home page in their preferred language. And the MySQL database that supports the project is set to use UTF-8 character encoding so that your repondents may type their comments in their native language.

2011-10-02 (Build 6.1.16)

This update now supports Firefox through Version 10 and includes contains a number of minor program code improvements.

2011-07-01 (Build 6.1.12)

This update now supports Firefox Version 5 and includes contains a number of minor program code improvements.

2011-05-23 (Build 6.1.10)

This update corrects a problem that occurred when a respondent (1) was allowed to access multiple cases, (2) was not allowed to create new cases, and (3) only had one case (because the record was preloaded before the survey was launched). Previously, the web form page and the data retrieved would not be in sync when the respondent first logs in, making it appear that data was lost. Now, in this scenario, a respondent with only one case will go directly the the web form with the data correctly synchronized with the page, and will exit directly to the "Thank you" page. A respondent with multiple cases will go to the "Case Selection" page after logging in, will will return to the "Case Selection" page after exiting from web form.

2011-04-26 (Build 6.1.9)

This update further fine-tunes the /vt (include VOID questions), /hq (drop hidden questions), /dv (drop specified questions), and /kv (keep only specified questions) convert options that modify what questions are included on the on-line summary statics page and in the QPL-generated SAS and SPSS programs. These options may now be used in combination except for /kv which resets all questions to be dropped before adding the specified questions.

2011-04-04 (Build 6.1.8)

This update adds one new minor feature and corrects a couple minor bugs.

To implement these changes on an existing project, you must Tools > QPL6 > New project... command in Firefox to updated your project files, and then rebuild your project. You should first backup your .pg6 program. The New project... command will overwrite your .pg6 file name if you enter the same name in the dialog box.

2011-03-27 (Build 6.1.7)

This update fixes the Firefox Add-on so that it works with the recently released Firefox Version 4.0. This new version of the QPL Add-on continues to work with Firefox 3.x browers. In Firefox 4, you must make the menu bar visible so that you may access the QPL functions under Tools > QPL6...

2011-01-17 (Build 6.1.6)

This update contains two minor updates for handing the default logo graphic and suppressing the automatic keyboard focus.

Default Logo Graphic

The default logo graphic that is display on the first page (index.htm) of a project has been changed from the GAO logo to the QPL logo. You can replace this logo graphic with your own by copying your logo graphic file to your QPL project folder and then setting the LOGO command in your QPL program file to the name of your logo graphic.

.LOGO = "mylogographic.png"

Suppress Keyboard Focus

Normally, when a respondent moves from one page to another, or clicks on a GOTO link to jump to another question, the keyboard focus is automatically put on the form field of that question. Then the respondent (particularly a visually impaired respondent) does not need to use the mouse to move the cursor to the field before he or she may enter a response. If the target question is a VOID type, then the keyboard focus is put on the input field of the next question, or if this is the last question on a page then the focus is put on the Next Section button (or the Exit button if this is the last page) of the questionnaire.

If you have a question that contains a lot of text, then the browser may need to scroll the page so that the input field or button that has received the keyboard focus is in view on the browser window. (Exactly when a browser may do this depends on the size of the respondent's browser window.)

You can suppress the automatic keyboard focus in this situation by splitting your long text into two or more VOID questions. If the target question a (i.e., the first question on a page when the Next Section button is pressed, or the target of a GOTO question link) is the first of two VOID questions, then the automatic keyboard focus is not applied and the browser will not scroll the page. (If the second VOID question also is the last question on the page, then the scrolling is not suppressed. Here, you must split your text across three VOID questions.)

First Public Release
2011-01-06 (Build 6.1.5)

This is the first public release of the new QPL 6 software. This software has been in production at GAO for over a year. The QPL 6 documentation is located on this website, though it is not yet complete.

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