The Word Count report may be used to get a quick idea of the vocabulary that was used by respondents, which can be helpful when developing your list of topic tags. This report counts the number of respondents that used each word one or more times in response to the questions you select.

Select Questions and Options

First, select the questions and options that will be used to create the Word Count report. The responses to all the questions you select will be merged together when the Word Count report is generated.

Step 1

Step 1

The various options that may be used in the Step 1 page are described below.


Option Comments
Sort by frequency - Sort by the most frequently used word to the least frequently used word.
word - Sort alphabetically by word.
Minimum frequency Only include words in the report that occurred at least this often.
Minimum word size Only include words in the report that have at least this number of characters.
Stop words If checked, only include words in the report that are not listed in the built-in stop word list (commonly used words like and, not, but, Mr., etc.).

View Report

Use the Step 2 page shows the report based on the questions and options you selected.

Step 2

Step 2

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