The Data Administrator for a project can use the Reconciliation Report to see how the Administrators have been coding STRING and OPENEND responses. This report shows the full detail of each response and the tags and comments each reviewer applied to that response. A variety of options may be used to focus the report on particular groups of responses or tags. For example, the report can be set to show only responses where particular tags were applied, or to list responses where the reviewers disagreed on the tags they selected, among other options.

Select Question

First, select the question that will be used in the reconciliation report.

Step 1

Step 1

Select Responses

Use the Step 2 page to select particular responses and Administrator tags that will be listed in the report.

Step 2

Step 2

The various options that may be used in the Step 2 page are described below.


Option Comments
Topic tags [any] - Select responses that have any tag assigned
"tag" - Select only responses that have this tag assigned by at least one of the reviewers
Words used in response Select responses that use these words. The words may be used in any order.
Words used in reviewer comment Select responses where the Administrator used these words in his or her comment. The words may be used in any order
Respondent user name Select responses made by particular respondent.
Range of case id numbers lowest highest Select responses using the built-in case identification number (i.e., q_id). The case identification number starts at "1." The highest number is equal to the total number of cases in your project.
Reviewer Select reviewers tags for the report
Reconcile Select responses where reviewers agreed on all the tags they assigned, where they disagreed on one or more tag assignments, or do not select responses based on agreement or disagreement.
Blank responses Do not include blank responses if checked.
Maximum number of cases in list Set the maximum number of responses that will be listed on the Step 3 page.
Sort responses Set the order of the responses that will be listed on the Step 3 page.

View Report

The Step 3 page shows the report based on the question and options you selected. The response identification number is highlighted in bold type and with an asterisk (*) to indicate responses where the reviewers disagreed on the tags they applied.

Step 2

Step 3

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