The Data or System Administrators have rights to create and modify topic tag names and definitions. The maximum number of tags that may be created is listed with the Project Statistics on the main administrative page

On the Step 1 page, you may add a new tag by clicking on the "New" link. Or click on the link for existing tag to modify it.

The Step 1 page also lists the definition for each tag, what questions to which each tag may be applied, and who last edited the tag. The History Log is updated each time a tag is created or changed Recent history log.

Administrators may view this page, but do not have links to add new tags or modify tags unless a Data or System Administrator has delegated these tasks to them.

Step 1

Define Topic Tags Step 1

The Step 2 page, shown below, lets you enter the tag information and select which questions to which this tag may be applied.

The "Topic Tag" is the short name for a tag. This name will be used when listing that tags in the Assign Tags pages and in the various reports. Tag names are limited to 40 characters. Topic tags are presented in alphabetical order on the Assign Tags pages.

You may want to consider adopting a convention, as shown in the example above, to use special codes at the start of the tag to indicate special relationships between codes. In this example, the question name was put at the start of the tag to show that this tag only applies to question Q33 while other tags may be applied to any question.

The Definition field lets you define the tag in more detail. An Administrator can look up tag definition from the Assign Tags page if he or she has a question about whether a should be applied to a particular response. It is also included on the Step 1 page summary of all the tags as shown above.

Important! If you modify a tag after you have begun your content analysis process, you should use the Definition field to document the change, including the date and time the change was made and by whom.

Step 2

Define Topic Tags Step 2

Important! The Update Decisions option should be used with care! This function should only be used if you want to delete all instances where this tag was applied by an Administrator to any response for any question. This function is supplied for the situation where you are making a such a significant change to the definition of an existing tag that you believe that it does not have the same meaning as it did when the Administrators used it to code responses. This function can not be undone if it is used accidentally.

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